4 Reasons to Choose A Custom WordPress Site

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4 Reasons to Choose A Custom WordPress Site

To date, WordPress powers more than 34% of all sites across the web. If you’re a WordPress user or thinking of joining the WordPress community, you must have realized by now that successful WordPress sites share traits that set them apart. Here are four of them:

The website perfectly suits the needs of the organization.

Custom WordPress sites, like the ones Eleven 11 Group specializes in, match the unique design the client has in mind. With a custom WordPress site, the client receives the benefit of both having a professional web appearance and maintaining their site after launch, if that’s what they wish. One of the key features WordPress boasts is that on their sites, it is easy to publish, manage, and revise posts. Not to mention, WordPress is optimized for search engines.

The website’s design is distinctive.

Anyone who’s wrestled with default WordPress themes knows the struggles of bending a theme’s design and/or functionality to suit your needs. Developers familiar with creating custom WordPress sites can tailor a theme to you, so it stands apart from various cookie cutter themes that come to mind. In addition, a major benefit of custom themes can be responsiveness. Instead of dealing with a glitchy feature here and there, the developer can ensure the site is optimized for viewing across all devices and fix problems in the theme you might be baffled with solving on your own.

The website utilizes plugins to their full potential.

According to Torque Magazine, as of 2016, there were more than 47,000 WordPress plugins available. With the sheer number of plugins, it can be confusing to know the best ones to choose or how to use them. If you speak with a professional about the goals for your site, they can help you consider your options. They’ll know how to deal with strange bugs the plugins might have and be up to date on current technology.

The website will be accessible.

Unfortunately, accessibility comes as an afterthought for many web developers. But in the right hands, a website offers an enjoyable user experience to as many people as possible. The good news is that WordPress is becoming increasingly accessible. All new code for WordPress Admin and themes must meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 with AA compliance (with A being the lowest conformance and AAA being the highest). A capable developer will understand the importance of semantic markup and help you navigate the formative world of web accessibility.

Custom WordPress sites are ideal for those who want the benefits of a regular website while lowering maintenance costs. Get in touch with Eleven 11 today to begin building your dream website.