Case Study: Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida


conservation, Education, Nonprofit, Publication


Research and Discovery, SEO, Strategy, UX/UI Strategy, Web Design, Web Development

Fish and Wildlife Foundation of Florida needed a new website to support an updated brand and refreshed look. They need a platform that would create cohesiveness across the spectrum of all their marketing materials, and support there ongoing campaign, marketing assets and evolving administrative needs.

The Challenge

The new website needed to not only feature updated aesthetics and allow administrative flexibility, it needed to tell the story of the Foundation and its conservation efforts.

The Outcome

E11 designed and developed Fish & Wildlife Foundation's new, contemporary website, and also made the administration of the site significantly easier. E11 also consolidated the Fish & Wildlife Foundation store, which had previously been a separate website into the main website, drastically reducing maintenance and hosting costs while presenting a better, unified experience to shoppers visiting the site. Additionally, E11 implemented their easy to use custom Page Builder into the site, replacing a the three separated editors that had previously been used on the site. This not only simplifies the process to build new pages and maintain existing ones, it also makes it easier to train new employees and helps present a single unified look and feel on website itself.