Is your website accessible? Learn about the latest guidelines issued in the WCAG 2.1

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Is your website accessible? Learn about the latest guidelines issued in the WCAG 2.1

With ADA web compliance officially validated by a class action lawsuit filed against Parkwood Entertainment over Beyonce’s official website, we wanted to share some of the website guidelines and requirements set by the Americans with Disabilities Act.


The following items provide a provide background as to what is required by federal acts, such as the ADA, for modern website compliance. For the official guidelines and breakdown, please visit:


Level A – Conformance

Level A conformance completes the bare minimum requirements set by the ADA, WCAG(Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) and Sec 508.


Metadata and Page Titles

The metadata that represents characteristics of your website such as the title of a page should describe, for a screen reader (which translates text to audio), the purpose of the page or content.



Pages should reflect the navigation, in sequence.



Images, and similar pieces of content, need alt-text tags that describes the content for screen readers.


Input Fields

Forms need descriptive instructions such as the purpose of the form, labels for fields, etc.


Design for assistive technologies

Your website needs to be designed so that assistive technologies, such as keyboard shortcuts and screen readers (which translates text to audio), can easily browse your website.


Captions + Audio available for video content

All video content must provide captions and audio. If the content does not have audio, then a description of the content must be made available for assistive technologies.


Keyboard and Character Key Shortcuts




Color Safe has created an awesome tool that generates accessible color palettes that work within WCAG’s guidelines.




Modules / components that contain text, or images of text, should have an accurate description for assistive technologies.


Audio Controls

All audio content must provide the visitor the ability to pause, stop and control the volume of audio content independently.



If any text is linked, make sure the visitor understands where the link leads.



Provide error messages and prompts, both in text and for assistive technologies, that clearly describes the issue.


Automatic Content Controls

Provide the ability to pause, stop and resume content modules/components that start automatically.


Level AA – Conformance

AA conformance protects your organization and is attainable through a commitment to how your team formats content and how your organization’s website is developed. Content + Development go hand in hand if your organization wants to achieve AA compliance.


Resizing Text

Without the aid of assistive technologies, text throughout your website must be able to scale up to 200% without the loss of content or functionality.


Audio Descriptions

Audio descriptions provided for all video content


Text Style Properties

Follow a set of text style properties with include line height, spacing following paragraphs, letter spacing and word spacing set by WCAG.

Link to styling for screen readers:


Content Contrast

Link to some examples:


Live Audio Captions

Captions provided for all live audio content

And much more…

Complimentary Audit & Consultation

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Eleven11 is a full-stack agency that builds accessible, digital products for Non-Profit Organizations and Government Agencies. We are committed to developing digital solutions that are up-to-date with modern day compliance. If your organization has any questions regarding ADA, WCAG or Sec 508 compliance, we encourage you to contact us for a complimentary audit and consultation by emailing [email protected]