Engaging and Empowering Through Online Visual Storytelling

Narrative video content is one of the most powerful and flexible communications, branding, and marketing assets available to nonprofits. Whether your focus is on Science communications, STEM, Civil Rights, or any critical cause, video content will enhance your organization’s reach and effectiveness across most platforms.

Educational and Informative Content

Explainer videos, tutorials, and informational series can simplify complex topics, making them accessible to a wider audience. Here are a few recent examples E11 created for the National Women’s Law Center:

It’s Time To Tax the Patriarchy

Show Me the Reciepts

Building Trust, Credibility and Online Visibility

Transparency and direct, authentic communications are crucial for nonprofits. Video content allows you to show real people doing the real work. Here E11 worked with NSTMF to produce their Science Unscripted Reels series:

Unscripted Reels - Introduction to Joanne Berger Sweeney

Unscripted Reels feat. the Alliance for Identity-Inclusive Computing Education

The Versatility of Video

Video is produced and repurposed across various platforms, including social media, your website, email campaigns, virtual events, published on youtube and used for institutional archiving purposes. Videos are accessible to a diverse audience through captions, translations, and audio descriptions, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their background or abilities, will engage with your content.