PPC and Google Ad Grant


The Importance of PPC and Google Ad Grant for Nonprofits

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and Google Ad Grants are essential tools for nonprofits looking to enhance their digital presence and drive revenue. PPC advertising allows nonprofits to target specific keywords and demographics. Precision targeting can significantly increase visibility, attract new donors, promote events and elevate campaigns.

Google Ad Grants offer nonprofits up to $10,000 per month in free advertising on Google Search, providing a substantial boost to their online visibility without straining your budget – its free! Ask us how to get started. (link)

Both PPC and Google Ad Grants offer measurable results, allowing nonprofits to track the effectiveness of their campaigns and optimize strategies based on performance data. This data-driven approach ensures that marketing efforts are continuously refined to maximize impact.

Some frequently asked questions from our clients:

What is the goal and expected impact of these deliverables?

Your goals are clearly defined on the first discovery call once our engagement begins. We will also define the metrics and how long it will take to achieve your goals. Monthly progress is reported back to you in a clear and concise report to show you how we are progressing toward achieving your goals.

Will the ad budget be split across different ads for A/B testing?

We typically run multiple ads per campaign, which allows us to compare the impact of more than one ad. We analyze the type of ads that are having a greater impact for you and continuously fine tune your campaign based on the metrics.

Will you use Google’s AI ads or build the ads based on my input and research from your team?

All ads are built by hand, although we do use AI for assistance in finding keywords and writing some content. We leverage AI as a tool to optimize our output, and rely on our expertise to ensure the output is most beneficial for your campaign. Nothing goes from AI into production without careful examination and manipulation by our team.

Will there be an overall discussion on digital marketing strategy and where the ad campaign fits in or should I seek strategy elsewhere?

E11 will review your digital marketing strategy with you to learn about anything you are currently doing. If you are starting from scratch, we’ll help you build one!

Will I be responsible for delivering copy and offer and you build?

E11 will create all ad copy in-house. If you have existing landing pages to which we will send traffic, we will likely use some of the copy from those pages in your ads.

Will I need to deliver creative assets (images, logos, landing pages, etc.)?

You are required to deliver brand assets (e.g. logo, mission, values, brand book), but we can source any creative assets that are needed along the way, such as images, content, and landing pages.

If we don’t have a measurable, meaningful, and positive difference within 6 months can we revisit the terms of this agreement?

PPC: Pay-per-click campaigns typically have an immediate impact (e.g. within a few weeks). If we are not achieving a successful outcome for you and nothing seems to be working, we are not going to hold you hostage against the terms of our contract. We are interested in working with clients that we are able to drive toward a successful outcome.

SEO: Search engine optimization takes a longer time to have an impact (usually 6-9 months). Although, you should expect some movement in search rankings earlier than that.

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